About the SEED PAK

System for Educator Effectiveness Development - Personalized Accessible Knowledge 


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 PD Market (Click for more information)

PD Market

  • Earn contact hours for license recertification, tracked through RANDA, by completing professional learning resource activities and reflection questions.

  • All Market resources are chosen to be specifically aligned with the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards and Elements.

  • All resources are regularly reviewed and updated by i3 SEED Innovation Coaches.


Community gardenCommunity Garden (Click for more information)

  • Collaborative space to share resources with colleagues.

  • Any individual who has joined the SEED PAK may contribute their own resources and comment on others’ Community Garden resources.

  • Types of Resources in the community garden: articles, lesson plans, unit plans, teaching protocols, rubrics, etc.

Community gardenCultivated Sets (Click for more information)

  • Resources that are grouped together in sets for users to easily access SEED course material and resources that connect by subject, philosophy, or application.

  • Past participants and current participants of Teacher Learning Communities and Professional Practice Studies have access to organized sets of resources from each i3 SEED course.

  • Cultivated Sets users will also find “Sets of 8” which are intended to guide learners through a series of PD Market resources discussing research and philosophy and also showing applications of strategies to implement in the classroom. 

SEED Blog (Click for more information)

  • Keep up to date with the i3 SEED Team's blog posts that feature best practices, tips, and information on education’s hottest topics.
  • Guest bloggers welcome. Contact seed@nwboces.org if interested.


Key To Icons In The SEED PAK:

PD Market & Community Garden Icons




Student Exemplar



lesson plan

Lesson Plan/Unit


Recorded Webinar

book chapter

Book Chapter

editable document

Editable Document

TLC icon

Teacher Learning Community (TLC)

online article

Online Article

online module

Online Module
(Module = combination of resource types such as video & article)

 Cultivated Set Icons

Professional practice icon

Professional Practice Study (PPS)

Set of 8 icon

Set of 8

Other icon
Other Cultivated Set
TLC icon
Teacher Learning Community (TLC)



My PAK (Click for more information)

  • Your profile, activity log, messaging, favorites, and followers.

Integration With RANDA (Click for more information)

  • You can access the SEED PAK directly from RANDA.

  • Administrators can assign PD Market Resources to the teachers they are evaluating.

  • Teachers can assign PD Market Resources to themselves to track this PD Activity in their Professional Growth Plan.

  • Teachers can print completion certificates to submit to CDE for recertification credit with total hours spent completing PD Market Resources in the SEED PAK.

Background of the SEED PAK and i3 SEED Project (Click for more information)

  • In 2014, Northwest Colorado BOCES was one of 26 recipients of the U.S. Department of Education's Investing in Innovation (i3) grant.

  • The motivation for acquiring the grant was to redesign professional development for the Northwest Colorado BOCES network, with the following goals:

    • To create opportunities for teacher driven professional development;

    • To bridge geographical barriers, enabling teacher networking - bringing together rural teachers practicing in isolation;

    • To innovate the way professional development is delivered to teachers- using a blended learning model, which allows for individualizing the learning process for participants, honoring a teacher’s time;

    • To use the professional practice standards of the teacher evaluation process as “tools,” spurring professional growth.

  • The SEED PAK is a part of the redesign and is meant to provide high-quality resources that align with the teacher quality standards. PAK stands for Personalized Accessible Knowledge; we hope individuals find just the right resource to support their professional growth. Numerous educators from NW BOCES’ districts have contributed to the development of the i3 SEED Project including the design of the SEED PAK. Click here to see a list