Jigsaw Approach

Julie Dalke

“When done well, jigsaw is worth the time invested because students do, in fact, learn deeply through the method. For example, John Hattie’s recent update to his list of influences on student learning indicates that the jigsaw approach has an effect size of 1.20. That’s impressive, given that the average effect size in Hattie’s database is .40 which equates to a year of learning for a year of school.” -- Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey in Show & Tell: A Video Column/Let’s Get Jigsaw Right.

We recently used the Jigsaw with a group of teacher leaders to learn about six leadership dispositions and with the NW BOCES staff to explore our strategic plan elements. With both groups, it felt like an extremely productive use of time. Give it a try in your classroom and here are a few more resources to guide: 

Using the Jigsaw Cooperative Technique

Jigsaw Classroom

Both of the above are resources in our PD Market so if you read and then respond to the response/reflection questions you can earn contact hours.