Sets of 8: Increasing Student Ownership

Anna Blakeslee

The SEED PAK will now contain a self-directed learning option that contains resources with similar content, themes or ideas called Sets of 8. Sets of 8 are intended to guide learners through a series of resources discussing philosophy and also showing applications of strategies to implement in the classroom. All Sets of 8 resources are housed in the PD Market, allowing you to earn contact hours for license recertification and tracked through RANDA, if you have a RANDA account.   In order to receive recertification credit, you must complete the resource by submitting answers to the questions in the Response/Reflection tab.  If all Sets of 8 resources are completed in the PD Market, you can receive 4.25 recertification credit hours.  If you would like more information about how to complete a PD Market resource and receive recertification hours, please watch the informational video here.     


The first Set of 8 is about increasing student ownership.  The resources come from a SEED TLC that focused on Teacher Quality Standard III- Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students, Element B -Teachers use formal and informal methods to assess student learning, provide feedback and use results to inform planning and instruction.  The resources have been compiled together with the objectives of:

  • Creating a classroom environment in which students develop a growth mindset that enables them to take academic risks.

  • Exploring practices for engaging students in the use of feedback and self-assessment to take ownership of their learning.

  • Engaging students to self-monitor and goal-set, using portfolios, peer-to-peer feedback, and choice in demonstrating mastery.


You may have participated in this TLC and are interested in revisiting the content.  Perhaps you were not able to participate in the TLC, and would like to access some of the resources presented.  Or maybe your professional goal this year has a focus on Teacher Quality Standard III, Element b.  Maybe you need recertification credit and this topic interests you.  Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy this compilation of resources around increasing student ownership.  

Assessment Through the Students’ Eyes: Philosophy

In this Educational Leadership article, author Rick Stiggins contrasts what assessment practices look like through the eyes of a student who is on a "losing streak" with one that might be on a "winning streak".  The article is intended to encourage teachers to rethink and revisit their practices in order to set all students up for a winning streak. Reading time: 10 minutes, 0.50 credit hours


Great Teaching Means Letting Go: Philosophy

In this blog post, Grant Wiggins discusses the importance of creating "scrimmages" and game-like settings for students so that they can show what they know. Reading time: 7 minutes, 0.50 credit hours


The Art and Science of Teaching: When Students Track Their Progress: Philosophy

This article by Robert Marzano in Educational Leadership illustrates the benefits of having students track their progress on assessments with graphic displays. Marzano's research on progress monitoring showed a 32 percentile point gain in achievement for students who tracked their progress. He shares some of the keys to achieving these impressive results. Reading time: 6 minutes, 0.50 credit hours


Not Yet and Growth Mindset Lesson Plan: Application

There are two resources within this content.  The first is a resource from the Mindset Kit that demonstrates how to implement a grading strategy that assigns students a “NOT YET” instead of a letter grade. The second resource is embedded in the Not Yet article.  It is a lesson plan including videos about the brain for students to understand growth mindset. There are also other activities to be used to reinforce or remind students about growth mindset. 0.75 credit hours


Descriptive Feedback Helps All Students Reach Proficiency: Application

In this 5 minute video, secondary teacher Susan McCray shows how she helps students connect learning targets, high-quality models, and effective feedback to produce excellent work. 0.50 credit hours


Encouraging Students to Persist through Challenges: Application

Watch second-grade teacher Maricela Montoy-Wilson as she demonstrates how she has built a classroom culture that encourages and embraces productive struggle in this 6-minute video.  0.50 credit hours


My Favorite No: Application

In this 6 minute video, Leah Alcala demonstrates a warm-up activity that provides students immediate feedback on and encourages a growth mindset by examining an incorrect answer in depth. 0.50 credit hours

Highlighting Mistakes: A Grading Strategy: Application

This 7-minute video shows how teacher Leah Alcala moved from assigning grades to highlighting errors on tests.  She shares how this has shifted students' focus to learning instead of a focus on mistakes. 0.50 credit hours