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COLLAB 2016 Session Resources

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Wanting to revisit some of the resources a COLLAB 2016 presenter shared with you during a breakout? If your presenter shared resources with NW BOCES then you will find them here. This google document has a list of all the COLLAB 2016 breakout sessions that have session resources including: 

Alternative Artmaking Materials
Best Contemporary Artists to Use in Your Classroom
Cultivating a Growth Mindset in the Classroom
Dyslexia: Building Successful Students through Understanding
Experience Dyslexia Simulation
Exploring Non-Traditional Careers
Family, Student, Community Partnering for Student Learning
Grant Writing
hiSTORY Takes to the Streets
How to Shift Negativity through Mindfulness
Making Writer's Workshop Work
Rethinking Your Drawing Curriculum
Story Telling in the Classroom
Teaching for a year in Australia
Teaching Health Education in PE
The Constructed Response
TS Gold
What We've Learned About Rigor in the Classroom
Yoga in the Classroom