Online Module

SUMMIT Resources

Grade Levels:
PK - Grade 2, Grades 3- 5, Grades 6 - 8, Grades 9 -12
Content Areas:
LFHC, low floor high ceiling, cognitive demand, math, summit, low floor/high ceiling, mathematics, handbook, video, tasks
Special Populations:
English Language Learners, Special Education, Gifted & Talented
Target audience:
Novice, Intermediate, Expert

Colorado Academic Standards

  • Math

SUMMIT has created a handbook that houses all resources used throughout the grant, videos of teachers giving a low floor/high ceiliing task to their students, and high cognitive demand and/or low floor/high ceiling tasks connected to each grade level standard (evidence outcome) for grades K-8. This resources is a table of contents that will lead you to each of these resources.


Additional Notes

The table of contents will have active google doc links to guide you to where you need to go.