Online Module

Technology Integration Support

Content Areas:
Classroom Technology, Technology. technology integration, technology tools

This document has links and ideas for using technology to enhance your students' learning. It has resources on how to evaluate different tech tools and considerations for classroom management and technology. It also has articles with ideas on the many different purposes for technology integration such as creativity, real-world connections, collaboration, and critical thinking. It includes some reflection prompts as taking the time to reflect on your technology integration strategies is an important part of growing and improving practices. Finally, it has links to resources and presentation slides that were shared at NW BOCES hosted professional learning opportunities that have been offered since 2015 such as both Google Gatherings, TLCs, and the most recent June 2017 Thoughtful Technology Integration day. I hope this collection of resources will be helpful for you as you continue to explore how to effectively integrate technology to enrich your students' learning.