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Fall 2018 TLC: Connecting Key Ideas Across Content Areas - Activity 3 Anchor Resources

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Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS I: Teachers demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach.
    • Element B: Teachers develop and implement lessons that connect to a variety of content areas/disciplines and emphasize literacy and mathematical practices.

Authentic Cross-Disciplinary Teaching through Literacy and Math Integration

Teacher quality standard I notes that all teachers are responsible for strategically integrating literacy and mathematical practices across all content areas. Literacy proficiency is the foundation of learning both in and out of school and all teachers, regardless of content area or grade level, must implement instructional strategies that highlight literacy skills. Authentic connections to mathematical practices can have a significant impact on a student’s ability to make meaning of the mathematical world around them.  In this activity you will have a choice to focus on mathematical practices or literacy skills.


This article details how modeling mathematical practices in any subject area is not only possible but needed for students to understand the purpose and value of mathematical thinking in their lives.

This guide lays out the mathematical practices in a simple and easy to understand format. Each practice is broken down into three parts - what it means, how students can own it, and useful resources to support teachers

This article details typical reading development through high school, dyslexia and dysgraphia, and the relationship of executive function to reading. It is a great refresher or an introduction to the process of reading development.

This article discusses the importance of teaching and helping students practice reading, writing, and speaking across content areas.