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Summer Course 2018: Architecture of Authentic and Relevant Learning - Course Overview

Course leader:

Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS I: Teachers demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach.
    • Element A: Teachers provide instruction that is aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards and their district’s organized plan of instruction.
    • Element C: Teachers demonstrate knowledge of the content, central concepts, inquiry, appropriate evidence-based instructional practices, and specialized characteristics of the disciplines being taught.
  • QS III: Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.
    • Element D: Teachers establish and communicate high expectations and use processes to support the development of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

The following set features all resources used in the Summer 2018 Course: Architecture of Authentic and Relevant Learning.  


The following set of resources were featured at the opening meetings on 6/18/18 and 6/19/19. 

This set of resources is sorted into five categories - student empowerment, thinking skills, collaboration, real-world applications, and learning about learning. Each category has a selection of resources to help paint a picture of what authentic and relevant learning might look like both in theory and in practice.