The Colorado Teacher Evaluation Rubric asks teachers to "demonstrate an awareness of, a commitment to, and a respect for multiple aspects of diversity while working toward common goals as a community of learners." This is a laudable goal, and we can all agree that a respect for the diversity of humans is an important value for our students to develop.
Over the course of my career, classrooms have become increasingly student-centered. In full realization of the access we all have to an enormous body of information, teachers have been called to move from a position of the holder of knowledge to one who facilitates students finding their own answers and solving their own problems. This has created a shift in which teachers move from imparting knowledge and wisdom to creating the conditions in which students can be successful owners of their own learning.
On three snowy January mornings, teachers from across northwestern Colorado gathered in Steamboat Springs to learn and collaborate all in an effort to grow professionally and even more importantly, help students grow academically.