The SEED Innovation Coach team had the opportunity to view a great number of publicly available resources as we prepared content for our Teacher Learning Communities in the Northwest BOCES this past year. We found many excellent resources, but here are a few that influenced my thinking. I would recommend these resources to educators who are looking for a little inspiration and a few ideas as they plan for the upcoming year!

The innovation coach team is continuously thinking of new ways to share the great work educators are doing in our region, state, country and around the globe. We recently decided to compile a few top 10 lists, and share some highlights from the past year. I was inspired by Beth Melton’s recent post about PLN’s, so today I thought I'd share a list of my top ten educational “gurus.” These folks are my go-to experts on a wide variety of topics, are always citing (and writing) about the latest research and generally are rock stars in the world of education.

I first heard about the idea of a PLN at a conference a few years ago. A colleague I met there mentioned the idea, and I nodded, pretending I knew what he was talking about. Since then, the idea has percolated, and I've looked up information on PLNs several times. Here, I will summarize some of what I've learned as well as share some advice on how you might use a PLN to improve your teaching practice.