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As part of the Increasing Achievement and Growth grant, NW BOCES recorded a series of webinars by literacy experts from around the country. When the series is finished, there will be 10 total webinars designed to help teachers with literacy instruction. Today, the newest webinar is available in the SEED PAK. In this webinar, Dr. Danielle Thompson gives the basics of phonological awareness. It is a great review or introduction for teachers. Check it out today!


In 2006, Carol Dweck published Mindset and forever changed the conversation on the interaction between ability and effort.

What does thoughtful technology integration mean to you? This spring, a dozen teachers across northwestern Colorado are pondering that thought -together. Spring 2017 Teacher Learning Communities are in full swing and teachers are sharing ideas, tools, and expertise while supporting each other as they try innovative and meaningful ways to invigorate their instruction through technology.