What does thoughtful technology integration mean to you? This spring, a dozen teachers across northwestern Colorado are pondering that thought -together. Spring 2017 Teacher Learning Communities are in full swing and teachers are sharing ideas, tools, and expertise while supporting each other as they try innovative and meaningful ways to invigorate their instruction through technology.  

Recently I viewed a TED talk called The Myth of Average. In this talk, the speaker, Todd Rose of the Harvard Graduate School of Education suggests the notion that there is no average student. His point is when we design for the average, we design for no one.
Teachers want students to be partners with them in the learning process. Not only do we want them to be motivated to learn and do high quality work, but also to take responsibility for growth in their learning. According to Susan Brookhart, “good formative assessment gives students information they need to understand where they are in their learning, and develops students feelings of control over their learning.”(2007) Indeed, if we want students to be partners in their learning, our feedback needs to effectively provide some control.