Whether you call them learning targets, objectives, intentions, or outcomes, there's no doubt that they're all the rage in education right now - and with good reason! For our purposes, I will use the term "learning objective" to refer to the idea of using statements that describe what students are expected to learn - no matter what you call them.

Are your students authentically engaged in their learning? This month’s featured resource offers teachers the opportunity to examine how much their students fully participate and think deeply in their classrooms, and presents a variety of ideas and strategies to actively captivate students, bringing them back into the equation.
Literacy Webinar Series

Reading expert Louisa Moats famously told us that "teaching reading IS rocket science." (Moats, 1999). We continue to learn more every day about the science of reading instruction and acquisition, and as teachers there is always more to know. We have enlisted a panel of literacy experts to record exclusive hour-long webinars for NW BOCES educators on a variety of early literacy topics.