Rigor is often talked about in education, yet less often clearly defined. This article addresses what rigor is and why it is important, and conversely, addresses seven myths about rigor based on this author's definition. This article has the capacity to clarify thinking with regard to how to incorporate higher levels of rigor into instruction.

Every month one of the three innovation coaches identifies a resource from the PD Market that highlights an idea, skill or strategy that we feel is applicable to all educators, and has the potential to greatly benefit students. This month I’ve selected a resource from the American Psychological Association that takes a deep dive into what it is to create strong teacher-student relationships.

Each month, SEED Innovation Coaches will choose a resource from the PD Market to highlight as a Featured Resource. Throughout that month, you will have opportunities to participate in interactive activities and earn additional recertification contact hours. For our Back to School 2016 edition, Innovation Coach Beth Melton shares her reflections on engaging students through intentional planning of the beginning and ending of a lesson.