NW BOCES is pleased to offer an independent study option to teachers in our service region. As a part of this course, participants complete a "public product" to share their experience and their learning. Below, Steamboat Springs High School teacher and guest blogger Ryan Ayala writes about the independent study he completed in Fall 2018. For more information about this course offering (or to sign up) visit

According to the Colorado Department of Education, the number of English learners in Colorado grew by 38%, now numbering approximately 126,000. Colorado has the sixth highest numbers of English learners in the country. In the spirit of equal access to quality education, new requirements have been added in order for new and existing educators to gain and renew licenses in Colorado, and better support the state’s language learners.
As teachers, it can be easy to ignore our own needs. We are in a helping profession; and for many of us, we're here because we want to - well - help. That often translates into giving, giving, giving until we are absolutely fatigued and can't do it anymore.