"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." This quote is attributed in one form or another to a variety of people including Theodore Roosevelt. However, there is little doubt that when it comes to motivating, engaging, and challenging students-- relationship matters. Explore with me the Power of Positive Regard and examine the role it plays in the interactions in your classroom.
Have you heard of 20Time? It’s an educational sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Students spend one day a week (20% of their time) on a project of their choice - a project designed by students, with the intent to make the world a better place. On June 22nd at 4:30, join with educators across the region to talk about the implications 20Time could have in your classroom. This virtual, interactive opportunity will allow you to engage with colleagues and earn recertification contact hours for renewing your license.
Growing mind
How can this simple word - "yet" - change our work in dramatic ways? "This kiddo hasn't learned to read... Yet." "I don't know how to keep my classroom under control...Yet." How can we foster a school culture that embraces "The Power of Yet"?