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COLLAB 2020 Breakout Session: The Three Keys to Creating Powerful Results in a Time of Pandemic

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COLLAB 2020, Social Emotional Learning, communication
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Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS IV: Teachers demonstrate professionalism through ethical conduct, reflection, and leadership.
    • Element B: Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals.

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 In this webinar, past COLLAB keynote speaker, Todd Musselman, will illuminate the three critical keys to being effective both in the classroom (virtual or in-person) and at home in these challenging times.  The three keys are Purpose, Passion, and Presence.  Todd will break each of these elements down and provide simple, actionable tools to utilize in the classroom, Zoom, and at home. 

 Learning Targets

  1. Teachers will receive tangible strategies and action steps for more effective communication
  2. Teachers will gain a greater understanding of the three key critical keys to being effective in the classroom or virtually
  3. Teachers will learn how to stay connected with their peers and overall educational community

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Travis Bryant's picture
Travis Bryant
What a great presentation by Tod Musselman. I think we all started out in a victim mindset with the outbreak. It is good to know that there are things we can do to combat the negative effects. I like to think that I have moved to the ownership mindframe and that my fears are gone. I still have days that I find myself going back tough, so it is good to know the elements that help fight those fears. Love, Purpose, and Presence all help to combat those days and reinforce my energy levels. I will definitely utilize Tod's advice to keep my energy levels up for my family, students, and co-workers.
Allison Sabat's picture
Allison Sabat
This was such a powerful, inspiring and informative presentation. It was a reminder of being present, having an ownership mindset, creating space, leading with love and purpose to allow us the opportunity to "save a life". I feel like I am on a wave of fear some days and just getting through life. He helped me focus on being present in people's lives and appreciating people while coming from a place of love. I can see this in all of the aspects of my life including with my own kids, my husband, my friends and my students. If I can create a true habit of these things, I can bring more purpose, presence and love to everything that I do. Cheers to all of the teachers in the world! Thank you!
Jennifer Stuart's picture
Jennifer Stuart
I really enjoy Todd Musselman, and this presentation was awesome! He discussed some valid points that are observable in society and education during this pandemic. Yes, I can see that more people appear to be currently suffering from a victim mindset. Everyone handles this pandemic differently, and as Todd discusses "no feeling is every wrong." I like how he encourages us to respect where people are and not try "to fix" every situation as this can lead to shaming. The three ideas of love, presence, and purpose are important reminders of what is important in life, and these ideas will help me keep an open-mindset. Also, the extra resources are valuable as they give me more ideas for a virtual classroom that support relationships with the students and their families. In addition, the book Onward (mentioned in the third extra resource) seems like a good read with a number of activities that will help me remember my purpose and why as an educator.
Megan Zwirko's picture
Megan Zwirko
It was very inspiring to listen to Todd Musselman’s presentation. I think we all need to be reminded of what is truly important during these challenging times. Keeping a direct focus on maintaining Purpose, Passion, and Presence are the three keys to creating positive results both in the classroom and in our personal lives. Facing this new reality with an ownership mindset instead of a victim mindset is another way to help stay positive and remain present. It is impossible to be present and have a victim mindset at the same time. Todd also suggests that love is the catalyst to maintaining an ownership mindset. He believes that choosing love over fear is what we should all be doing. This presentation shared some great ideas and tools to help educators stay positive and present. This is an extremely challenging time for all educators instructing and navigating life through a global pandemic. We need to remember to keep a focus on our purpose, our passion, and the ability to stay present. Thank you for sharing your insight, Todd.
Julie Dalke's picture
Julie Dalke
I'm looking forward to the teacher dialogue on this tomorrow. Thank you Todd for a wonderful dose of positivity, ideas, compassion, and hope.
Erin Kreis's picture
Erin Kreis
I am also looking forward to the discussion. It's so easy to go to a place of fear, but it doesn't serve a purpose for me anymore. I listened to this when I was slipping into a negative mindset, because I was tired, and it reminded me that I need to take care of myself and then everything will follow.
Stacy Atkin's picture
Stacy Atkin
Thanks for the great ideas, we all need a reminder in times like this. thanks
Kenneth Shroyer's picture
Kenneth Shroyer
I was very impressed with the thoughts and ideas he presented. It was a very thought provoking presentation.
Kenneth Shroyer's picture
Kenneth Shroyer
This was a very good learning experience. The speaker had so many great ideas and thoughts, I had to watch it a second time to absorb all of it. The discussion group was pretty amazing as well. While we agreed on many of the ideas that were presented, my group also brought up a couple of items that I had missed or had not thought about before. Overall I was impressed and hope to do it again sometime.