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COLLAB 2020 Breakout Session: Yoga and Mindfulness for Self-care and Resiliency

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COLLAB 2020, Social Emotional Learning, SEL, Self Care, Yoga
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Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS IV: Teachers demonstrate professionalism through ethical conduct, reflection, and leadership.
    • Element C: Teachers respond to a complex, dynamic environment.
  • QS III: Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.
    • Element A: Teachers demonstrate knowledge about the ways in which learning takes place, including the levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of their students.

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In this session, you will explore the connection between your nervous system and yoga activity. It will include tools for you to use for your self-care along with tools to use with your students to increase their social-emotional health. It will focus on self-care for you from your head to your toes as well as how to impact your students through these activities. You will learn about yoga nidra and how to use this practice for complete mental, physical, and emotional relaxation. 

Presented by Liz Leipold, MS OTR, C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

Learning Targets:

  1. Teachers will explore the nervous system with your breath in yoga
  2. Teachers will learn how to go outside to go within by connecting with the outdoors
  3. Teachers will learn about research-based sensory, movement and yoga tools and strategies to use with your students including breath and movement
  4. Teachers will learn how to incorporate self-care tools such as yoga into your daily practice as an educator
  5. Teachers will explore the benefits of the practice of yoga nidra as a practice to relax and renew. It is a guided meditation that can induce  breathing techniques for regulating the nervous system

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Stacy Atkin's picture
Stacy Atkin
thank you
Liz Leipold's picture
Liz Leipold
I hope everyone enjoys this yoga for mindfulness, self care and resiliency and finds at least one tool or activity that feels helpful. What is one tool, from your own tool box; that helps you to feel re-freshed or relaxed?
Danielle Crews's picture
Danielle Crews
Thank you so much for the refreshing instruction! I look forward to diving deeper into self care, this year especially!!
Alison Wither's picture
Alison Wither
Thank you so much Liz for taking the time to put all of this together! The timing could not be better and I definitely needed this this year!
Elizabeth Bauer's picture
Elizabeth Bauer
Thank you for the time and reminder!
Emily Berarducci's picture
Emily Berarducci
Thank you so much! This was not only very useful, but very relaxing!
Wendy Hoffmeister's picture
Wendy Hoffmeister
Thank you for sharing your time and expertise.
Jane Toothaker's picture
Jane Toothaker
Great job on this breakout session Liz! I appreciate your calm and reassuring manner especially during such challenging times.
Paul Scoppa's picture
Paul Scoppa
Great way to start the day. Thanks!
Erin Swanson's picture
Erin Swanson
Thank you Liz, this is very helpful for me and my students!