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How Students Acquire Social and Academic Language

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ELL, BICS, CALP, academic language
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English Language Learners
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Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS II: Teachers establish a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.
    • Element C: Teachers engage students as individuals, including those with diverse needs and interests, across a range of ability levels by adapting their teaching for the benefit of all students.

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In this book chapter, the author dispels some myths about the acquisition of language and offers example activities that a teacher might use to support students in developing social and academic language.

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Haynes, J. (2007). How Students Acquire Social and Academic Language. Getting Started with English Language Learners. Retrieved from


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Lara Jackson
I appreciate the distinction between social and academic language, how they are acquired differently and serve a different purposes in the student's life. And just because a student is proficient in one does not mean he is proficient in the other.