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A Place for Talk in Writers' Workshop

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Grades 3- 5, Grades 6 - 8, Grades 9 -12
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Reading, Writing, and Communicating
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differentiation, writing process, storytelling, topic selection
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  • QS I: Teachers demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach.
    • Element A: Teachers provide instruction that is aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards and their district’s organized plan of instruction.
    • Element B: Teachers develop and implement lessons that connect to a variety of content areas/disciplines and emphasize literacy and mathematical practices.

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This resource from the National Writing Project discusses the importance of allowing students the opportunity to talk before they can write and ideas on how to incorporate that into your writing lessons. It also has a wealth of information, lessons, and resources for all reading and writing teachers.

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Sarah Newell's picture
Sarah Newell
The most important information I gained from this resource was to structure my talk before writing instruction. I have tried to implement talk in my instruction before and sometimes it seems to take away rather than assist. I will now go forth with more structured times of "talk."