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Power in the Classroom: Creating the Environment

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Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS II: Teachers establish a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.
    • Element A: Teachers foster a predictable learning environment characterized by acceptable student behavior and efficient use of time in which each student has a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults and peers.
    • Element C: Teachers engage students as individuals, including those with diverse needs and interests, across a range of ability levels by adapting their teaching for the benefit of all students.

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This article explains different ways students can meet their needs for power.  It also gives specific strategies and ideas on how to empower students in the classroom through classroom culture and environment, behavior,  and content-rich experiences.  

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Erwin, Jonathan C. “Chapter 4. Power in the Classroom: Creating the Environment.” Power in the Classroom: Creating the Environment,


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