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Strengthening Student Engagement

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engagement, positive relationships, learning relationships, rigorous learning, relevant learning
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Teacher Quality Standards

  • QS II: Teachers establish a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.
    • Element A: Teachers foster a predictable learning environment characterized by acceptable student behavior and efficient use of time in which each student has a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults and peers.
  • QS III: Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.
    • Element D: Teachers establish and communicate high expectations and use processes to support the development of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

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How engaged in learning are your students? Dr. Richard Jones, of the International Center for Leadership in Education, shares in this white paper excerpt what really needs to happen for schools to “cultivate and support student engagement at the highest level.” The engagement-based learning and teaching approach featured in this reading involves reaching students through positive relationships as well as providing rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for all students.

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