Professional Practice Study

Fall 2017 PPS: Teaching for Cognitive Engagement

Course leader:

This set contains all of the resources for the Fall 2017 Professional Practice Study Teaching for Cognitive Engagement. Note that there were no resources for activity 4.


The resources below have been selected to help you think about the ways in which you might develop a classroom with high expectations for students.

As you review, consider what ideas you might want to implement to help increase the rigor and cognitive engagement in your classroom.

The following set of videos (and one lesson plan) can be viewed based on your learning focus, needs and interests. We encourage you to focus your attention on how the teacher engages students rather than the specific content area and grade level they teach. Think about how you might adjust or scaffold to fit your students.


As you review the following resources think about how you might authentically raise expectations for your students and be prepared to discuss your thoughts at the virtual meeting during week 6.