Professional Practice Study

Spring 2017 PPS: Handing Thinking Over to Students

Course leader:

This set contains all of the resources used in the Spring 2017 PPS Handing Thinking Over to Students. Note that there were no resources for activity 4.


The following resources have been selected to help you think about how the intentional actions of teachers can empower students to lead their own learning. As you review each resource, consider what changes you might want to implement in your classroom. You will start to review these resources this week, and you can finish during week 2 if you’d like.

The following resources are designed to show examples of the many ways a teacher’s intentional actions can help create a culture in which students take ownership of the classroom and lead their own learning. As you view these resources, think about what a classroom in which students take ownership of their learning looks like, feels like and sounds like. Use these resources to help push your own thinking and inspire you as you hand thinking over to students. The resources are on a continuum from elementary to secondary with examples of multiple content areas. Please view about half (or more) of the resources, but do not be afraid to view resources outside your grade level group - most of these ideas are transferable.

Resources from activity 5 of Handing Thinking Over to Students.